Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buttercup mornings

I have returned to Dallas after a whirlwind trip to the beautiful Bay Area! Pictures of San Francisco are soon to come. The coolness of the Pacific Coast was a welcome treat after the sweltering heat of Texas. There is comfort in being back in Dallas, but I cannot help but miss the friendships formed during those two weeks of training. Every morning, we would gather at a pie diner known as the Buttercup around 8 a.m. After about three consecutive days, we became "regulars" and were directed to "our" booth, where "our" waitress, Barbra, always welcomed us with a warm smile. She soon learned our orders and by the second week, she would bring me oatmeal and a fruit cup as soon as she saw me snuggling into our booth in the far corner of the diner. As each person staggered in, I would slide further down the booth, allowing us all to gather around the table. With yawns and sleepy eyes, we would talk about the day ahead between sips of coffee and forkfuls of Belgian waffles and three-egg omelets. Barbra gave me the biggest hug on our last day of training. I shall miss those bleary, yet comforting mornings spent gathered together at the Buttercup.

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