Monday, February 27, 2012

23 years

My birthday was a day marked by beauty and fellowship . . . the perfect day. The morning was spent with these two beautiful women at Homestead Heritage. We drank black coffee and orange juice and ate a wholesome, comforting breakfast together. It was such a lovely beginning to the day. A morning spent with such friends is truly a gift to be cherished. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

To S.

Photo via: Another story about raspberry jam

Today is one special day. For a special woman you are. Special to me and to all who have ever heard your sweet laughter. Happy birthday, dear S.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Honey rays and blustering days


by Jasmine Holm

Photo via: Beauty and Grace

Ash-speckled bark, barren ancient tree
Worn, torn, open crags, like wounds to pink flesh
Exposed to honey rays and blustering days

Weathered, worn sapling, my old soul
Sweeping bend, aching strain, like a woman’s aged figure
Creaking with each warm, gentle brush of time

Solemn, hushed, heart of a thousand words
Swaying to and fro, as though in time to a lingering melody
Steady me still, for all the while I do stand

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UNICEF's inspired gifts

Valentines Day Inspired Gifts Card

First two photos via: Beauty and Grace; Third print via: UNICEF

These first two delights may be cast as the most wonderful Valentine's Day gifts (do not the grocery stores seem like they are bursting with soft flower petals and pink ribbons?) but recently, I discovered a gift of exceedingly greater value. UNICEF challenges us to purchase gifts of far greater, lasting benefit than the flowers that will droop as the days pass or the chocolates (if you are anything like me) you will swallow whole in approximately 2.6 seconds. Of course, one need not wait for a holiday to give a gift such as Inspired Gifts offers, but if you are at a loss this Valentine's Day . . . why not consider this simple, yet truly meaningful and life-altering gift? Your gift may may be mosquito nets, soccer balls or even, if you are able, a motor bike! You can even purchase 50 notebooks and pencils . . . such simple items to you and me, but for a small child in need, these tools allow them to write stories and draw beautifully creative pictures. Such items enable learning.

Please read the description below and visit the link to UNICEF's Inspired Gifts here.

"Inspired Gifts is an innovative program that gives you the opportunity to purchase actual life-saving items that will be shipped directly from both the UNICEF warehouse in Copenhagen and one of UNICEF's many suppliers to one of over 150 countries where UNICEF serves. While other organizations allow supporters to purchase ‘symbolic’ gifts, Inspired Gifts are actual items like warm blankets, mosquito nets, water wells, therapeutic milk, even School-in-a-Box kits. In a world where everyday 21,000 children die from preventable causes, Inspired Gifts can make an immediate and dramatic difference in the life of a child threatened by malnutrition, disease, unclean water, lack of shelter, basic immunizations and basic medicines."

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekends are meant for . . .

. . . meeting sisters for some afternoon studying . . . 

in the charming, Texas town of Belton. 

And a brunch consisting a cheesy three egg omelets is always a splendid idea, most especially . . . 

when that time is spent with this lovely lady. She is always at the ready with a warm embrace (she smells of earl grey and sweet lavender) and every afternoon with her turns into a little adventure of sorts.

We often find ourselves shoe shopping together, quite unintentionally, we promise!

And a little indulgence is always appropriate on the weekends. Such as testing these intriguing chocolate bars . . . vanilla and smoke, . . . 

. . . almonds and sea salt, pecan and maple . . . they were all so tempting!

And with chocolate on the mind and a darling friend's birthday soon approaching, an evening spent baking chocolate truffle cake sure tops things off nicely!