Sunday, January 22, 2012

The sock method, you say?

via otakulei

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What a fun illustration to start out my day! I was, however, quite confused upon seeing the first image. A coffee sock? Given my inquisitive nature, I set out to discover what it might be. My searching led me to an article titled, "How to Brew Coffee in Costa Rica -- The Sock Method." This is what the website has to share:

"The filters and frames can be bought in most Costa Rican supermarkets or souvenir shops. In case you are not currently in Costa Rica, we suggest you travel to Costa Rica. Otherwise, you might want to try using a plain cotton sock. Take an unused one if you prefer your coffee without a slight note of cheese in it!"

How funny! I don't know about you, but I find this to absurdly intriguing! Are any of you brave enough to attempt this cheesy brewing method?


  1. Pour VERY slowly over a relatively course grind (somewhere between a press's and a flat, paper filter's grind) The height of the water (so basically the volume) is called "bed depth." With this method in particular, you need to keep your bed depth low, or you will get very weak coffee, as the sock is more porous than a traditional filter. Another method, which will allow you to really control the flavor involved submerging the sock in the cup and then pulling it out, letting it drip out, and then drinking. Just remember that caffeine, flavors, and acid are the last three things to come out of coffee, and they tend to arrive together. Four minutes is the suggest steep time, though it will vary. Think of it as a reverse French press.

    I hope my nerdiness is apparent at this point.

    1. Nerdiness duly noted, but greatly appreciated. Thank you for the tip, d.kunz!