Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happiness is homemade

Print via: La Cannella Fragola

My clever brother shared a little trick with me that though simple, has the ability to transform one's day from dreary to delightful. He said, before his eyes flutter open in the early morning, he makes a choice. Rather than trudge about the house in his pajamas in a rather cantankerous, morning mood, he says silently to himself, “This is going to be one great day!” And just like that he jumps out of bed with a spring in his step and goes about his day in the cheeriest of demeanors. Throughout the course of the day he reminds himself time and time again, “This is the greatest day!”

Perhaps this notion seems somewhat silly to you, but there is something subtlety profound about consciously making the choice between dreary or delightful, unpleasant or lovely, disheartened or thankful. So, though this day brings much heartbreak, I am making a simple choice. Rather than goodbyes I choose I-will-be-praying-for-yous and I-will-always-love-yous, . . .  for how thankful I am for the precious time gifted to me! I choose to delight in the Lord’s blessings and expectantly look forward to our coming times together. So, hold dear this sentiment: “I will like you forever and love you for always for, as long as I am living, my loved ones you will be.” 

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