Friday, September 30, 2011

Take a day trip

Cafe Homestead

It is quite easy to convince myself that I have much too much to do. I often lay to rest my adventurous inclinations for the sake of reading or studying. This past weekend, however, my dear roommate prompted me to do the unexpected and take a day trip together. We woke up bright and early, for a Saturday that is, and went about our morning routines. My roommate had to administer a test to a student at 9 a.m. and so she hurried off to school for a bit and I, after a cup of coffee, of course, headed off for a morning yoga class at the SLC. After some scrutinizing stretches and balancing exercises, my roommate came to pick me up and we were on our way.

We sat chatting in the car, catching up a bit and eagerly anticipating our arrival at Homestead Heritage. Only a 15-minute drive out of Waco, we soon arrived. A log cabin visitors center stood stately at the entrance, inviting us into a community bound by the joy and fulfillment of homesteading. We drove down the path a bit further and arrived at our destination: Café  Homestead. The quaint, charming café features daily lunch specials, such as deli-style sandwiches and offers homemade ice cream for dessert. As we arrived for breakfast though, I had to quell my temptation to order homemade vanilla ice cream at 11 a.m. in the morning. As such, I ordered a cup of coffee, of course, and a vegetable omelet garnished with mushrooms, tomatoes and swiss cheese. It was a much healthier choice and certainly satisfied my yoga-induced appetite.

After our leisurely breakfast together, we explored the grounds, visiting the shops and crafts village. We observed the craftsmen at work at the Heritage Forge and ventured into the Potters House where stoneware and porcelain pottery lined the walls and gleamed in the sunlight. It was a day marked by beauty and fellowship, . . . the perfect day. Find respite from the day-to-day routine of things and perhaps you too, we discover a place you have never been before.   

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