Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not so flop-like!

I was fairly certain my weekend experiment would be one massive flop! Since arriving in Waco this summer, I had yet to spend an entire weekend, dare I say it, completely and utterly alone! It would seem that I was never at a loss for excuses as to why I just had to escape. The pile of laundry mounting in my tight closet, the car that squeaked and surely needed inspection, . . . or truest of all, the hugs I so desperately craved, . . . any scenario proved sufficient enough to constitute a weekend trip!

This past weekend however, despite a nagging itch to pack up the car and go, I stayed in Waco! It may be some time before I can sincerely write, " I stayed home," but this surely was the first step! I hatched my plan late Friday evening and wrote an ever-exciting weekend to-do list!

Saturday, . . .

1. Find farmer's market in town and buy local produce 2. Visit a new bookstore and sit for hours pondering life, . . . and brushing up on my magazine reading! 3. Try a new coffee shop with a quaint atmosphere (preferably somewhere downtown) 4. Drive around a bit and play get lost (only please do not get too terribly lost!)

I woke the next morning and after my morning routine, . . . grabbed my handy list and was out the door! Here are some of the delightful things a discovered on my day out and about town!

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