Monday, April 2, 2012

April baby


Photographed in Pacifica, CA.
Photo via: The thinking tank

This is a special month, for it is in April that my best friend was born. Her hair may be a different color and she may have a louder voice and wider smile, but we are truly one in the same. Though we talk endlessly when we are together, words are never needed. My favorite conversations with her go something like this:

Me: "Cam, you know, he sounds exactly like . . . "
Cam: "Yeah! Believe me, I know!"
Me: "Remember how he . . . "
Cam: "Yep, soooo hilarious! "
Me: "Or remember that one time . . ."
Cam: "With that girl, the one with the shoes?"
Me: "Yes, exactly. At the place where we . . . "
Cam: "Right! That is my favorite memory from when we were there together."
Me: Sigh. "Me, too."

Slight pause . . .

Cam: "Should we order coffee?"
Me: "Okay. But first I want to . . . "
Cam: "Oh, go ahead. I will order for us."
Me: "Can you get me . . . "
Cam: "I know, now go on."

It may not seem so to you, but much has been communicated here, and neither one is ever at a loss for what the other is thinking . . . only my sister would know.

I love you, Cam.

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  1. Love you more sister. Thanks for that.