Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reflections series

Tom Hussey is a brilliant photographer and has been praised as so by such publications as Adweek Magazine. His Reflections series is, in my opinion, "grippingly" beautiful. The sense of untold stories and the expressions on their faces as they peer into the mirror are captivating to me. The outward appearance, the skin, may age, but one’s true self and beauty remains at the center, gazing back with eyes, honest and true. I think the wife in the last picture must see the same as he, a reflection of bravery, courage and strength. If you were to look into such a mirror, what would you see? Would your loved ones see the same? For me, there are moments when I am teaching, standing at the front of the room, and I feel as though I am just a little girl playing school with my stuffed animals lined up in an orderly row . . . 

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