Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Snippets of a year gone by

I am terribly abashed to acknowledge that the last time I wrote I was marveling at the beauty of autumn leaves. A full year of graduate school has swept by and rather forcibly, carried me with it. Though perhaps a bit disheveled from the whirl and twirl of life as a graduate student, I have made a little visit to my neglected blog to announce that I am smiling as brightly as ever. And though one might think, due to my lack of posts, that writing has lost all of its luster, . . . I am even more pleased to announce that I am writing more than ever. The topics I have most recently surveyed are a bit of a different sort from my previous ramblings on shopping and home d├ęcor. My impending posts offer you snippets of my year gone by, . . .

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